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Software Solutions

When the extra control is needed

If your company manages large quantities of cash, you know how complex cash management is. Cash management is a time consuming process, traditionally based on manual events and data entry that often result in low efficiency and increased risk for embezzlement. SCAN COIN offers a variety of software solutions for - ready to be tailored for your business.

Cash Centre System, CCS

Looking for complete control of your cash within the cash centre? Not happy with off-the-shelf solutions? Then CCS could be what you need!

CCS has been designed to cover every part of the cash handling process in a cash centre, from the point where the carriers bring cash to the cash centre, where it is registered, counted and balanced against accounts. CCS also handles the delivery of cash to customers including placing orders and controlling cash in vaults.

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Perfect for:

  • Cash centres or CIT companies 
  • Large cash centre operations (~1-200 workstations) 
  • High cash volumes

Accuracy and control

SCAN COIN cash management software offers you seamless integration and monitoring. Employing a combination of bar code technology and SCAN COIN software, you ensure security over your clients’ deposits at all times.

There is no off-the-shelf, one-size-suits-all solution. However, SCAN COIN CCS offers a truly flexible approach for controlling and optimising your workflow, especially designed for the European market.


Accessories / Options

Software works better when combined.

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DTC, for Powerful Business

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DTC, for Powerful Business