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Smart Deposit Solution

No manual counting - The notes are counted and compiled automatically

The CashComplete™ Smart Desposit Solution represent the perfect solution for both back office and front office environments. The SDS will cut the costs of cash handling through both internal optimisation as well as CIT pick-ups and deliveries. It's secure, smart and high performing note deposit units.

SDS solutions are part of the CashComplete™ concept.

SmartSafe product range

Makes cash handling an easy process every day - all year round

Tailored reporting solution – Complete reports of deposits and total sum of each denomination are generated in real-time. Information on the time of deposit and who deposited is also always available.

Web based cash management – The machine automatically generates a report to your bank or CIT company at the end of the day.

High security keeps the money safe and reduce your insurance cost – An SDS increases the security of your employees. The solution is classified and accepted by the insurance companies.*

*Applies with the customer’s Insurance.

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Perfect for:

  • Smaller retailers
  • Larger grocery stores
  • Hotels
  • Gambling halls
  • Amusement parks
  • Gas stations
  • Transport companies
SmartSafe S1 SmartSafe S3 Deposit notes Smart and Happy SmartSafe User

Scalable Solutions after your Needs

The SDS range consists of three solutions and can be connected to several coin units. This flexible solution assures you to always find the most suitable one for your business. Its high reliability and security with cutting-edge technology, in combination with its innovative functions, makes it a perfect partner for cash handling. Furthermore, the SDS is connected to the smart software platform, which includes all the functionalities needed in the Retail world. You will get profile management, data management and automatic reports, whenever you need it.

For additional information, please go to: CashComplete™

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Accessories / Options

Maximize the output -

Connect your SDS to a coin unit

CDS-820i - the next level

For medium sized banks

CDS-820i - the next level