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Software Solutions

When the extra control is needed

If your company manages large quantities of cash, you know how complex cash management is. Cash management is a time consuming process, traditionally based on manual events and data entry that often result in low efficiency and increased risk for embezzlement. We offer a variety of software solutions for - ready to be tailored for your business.

CashComplete On-Device

CashComplete™ On-Device

Leveraging our solutions into your business improves operational efficiencies. The combination of our unified software intelligence and leading processing technologies gives you superior results and elevates your cash management operations. Eliminate all daily tasks from counting, managing till content, reconciliation and reporting in-store cash, which allows the staff to be deployed into higher value activities.

Our CashComplete™ On-Device Software coupled with our cash handling solutions together provides full visibility and accurate reporting of cash cycle. All stages of operations become more efficient by introducing operational automation and cash recycling. CIT pickup services, administrative and cash demand variation fees are reduced with our solution.

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Perfect for:

  • Real time transaction monitoring
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Information about transaction, status and content

The software that completes the cash handling cycle

Count, verify and secure cash at the payment point to protect against internal and external theft and eliminate staff errors. This keeps minimal cash exposure and protects the staff.

Improve Cash Flow

CashComplete™ On-Device provides accurate and efficient management of in-store cash handling requirements allowing you to deposit surplus cash into your bank or reinvest into new opportunities.


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CashComplete Connect

CashComplete™ Connect

CashComplete™ Connect is the ultimate solution for superior financial and operational control of cash. Our management software can be shared by local departments for faster operations and maintenance. The Enterprise program of CashComplete™ Connect is ideal used for central monitoring and connectivity with external store systems or higher automation. 

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Perfect for:

  • Complete cash visibility
  • Detailed custom reports
  • Device management and reconciliation

Financial and operational control

CashComplete™ Connect is a revolutionary platform which allows you to fully monitor your cash and generate indepth reports for complete visibility of your cash. This platform is a cloud-based hub that connects you to your business via computer or mobile device for the new generation of advanced cash management.

Complete cash visibility

Know the exact amount of cash in every machine across your enterprise per denomination and location. Make use of data visualization for immediate insight of your business. Customize your reports to quickly access exact data and optimize how you look at cash.


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Supervisor System

Supervisor System Software

Our Supervisor System Software can be used to monitor all machines and their activities during production, and to facilitate production changes and adjustments that may affect the whole, or parts of the production line.

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Perfect for:

  • Cash centres or CIT companies 
  • Control and reporting from bulk processing lines
  • High cash volumes
Supervisor System Supervisor System

Full control and monitoring

The Supervisor System is a PC based software platform with the aim to control, monitor and provide statistics from every possible set up of cash-handling machines and productions lines from one single point.


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Software works better when combined.

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CDS-9 is a winner

The 4th generation of Cash Recycling Systems, CDS-9, is a winner of the Red Dot Award.

CDS-9 is a winner

Retail revolution

RCS-800 - The ultimate timesaving cash processing solution

Retail revolution