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The closed cash loop for retail - when security and control matters

CashComplete® is SCAN COIN's fully automated cash handling solution for retail to minimize manual handling in the check-out lanes. It is a closed end-to-end solution, securing the entire cash loop, from the checkout to the retailer’s account, resulting in increased security, reduced costs and more flexibility.
It significantly reduces the risk of robberies and theft since the cashier does not have access to the cash, and contributes to a safer working environment.

Signed, sealed & delivered!

*CashComplete® is a registered trademark within the European Union and in Norway, Switzerland, Russia, the US, Australia and China.

CashComplete POS

CashComplete® POS

Let your customers pay quickly and easily with both coins and notes at the checkout. By using this secure and closed point of sale system retailers will minimise the incidence of counterfeits, counting errors and shrinkage. Recycling of coins and notes also makes sure you never run out of change.

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Perfect for:

  • Super- and hypermarkets with more than around four check-out lanes
  • Retailers wanting a closed and secure retail cash loop
  • Easy integration to existing POS applications using UPOS standard
Coin unit Display coin unit Coin unit Coin unit Note unit Note unit Note unit

Nice to look at, easy to work with and easy to understand

There is a lot to save by avoiding counterfeit cash, not only financially but also because it generates confidence among your customers. The coins can be paid a handful at a time, which speeds up the transaction and there will be less queuing, making customers happy. You can also monitor the content and status of each unit with the Supervisor Software.

To replenish the units with coins, we suggest that you integrate SCAN COIN's RCS solution and use this as a coin source.

The POS unit has been designed to fit in both today’s market and in the future – no expensive upgrading needed.

CashComplete® POS - For a closed and secure retail cash loop.



Accessories / Options

Docking station

CashComplete® Docking

The docking unit is your guarantee for high security when emptying the transport unit of notes. Use the same unit for several transport units.

Depending on location, in-store cash office or CIT cash centre, you can choose security levels and features to best suit your needs.

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Perfect for:

  • Emptying the Transport Units
  • Back-office use
  • Different security level requirements
Docking station Docking station close-up Transport unit and docking station Transport unit and docking station

Note handling in back-office

Choose the CashComplete® Docking Station if you need a simpler unit to empty your notes from the Transport Unit. Or take the CashComplete® Docking Secure Top - a docking unit placed on top of a safe (either our standard safe or the one of your choice), where the notes are emptied into a self sealing transport bag.

You choose - but you can be sure there is a perfect solution for your needs.


Accessories / Options

CashComplete® Supervisor

CashComplete® Supervisor SW

CashComplete® Supervisor SW is the glue that links the different CashComplete® items together.

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Perfect for:

  • Immediate status checks
  • Knowing when to make refill or emptying
  • Those who want to know the whereabouts of their cash
Supervisor software

Are you one of those control freaks? Because we are!

With Supervisor SW, you not only monitor the levels of coin and note denominations in all units in your store, you also manage your Transport Units and print all necessary reports.

Its clear graphical interface gives you an immediate overview of your units' status and lets you know when it is time to refill or empty a unit.

Basically - you cannot work without it. 


Accessories / Options

CashComplete® Transport unit

CashComplete® Transport

With this closed and secure transport unit you can empty and refill notes even during opening hours, between one customer and another.

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Perfect for:

  • Transporting notes between back-office and the check-out lane
  • Quick, silent and secure refill and emptying
  • Servicing several CashComplete Pos units with one Transport Unit
Transport unit Transport unit and docking station Transport unit and docking station Transport unit

Transporting notes in your store without exposure

Use the same unit for all checkouts, which means that one person can easily do the emptying. Whether you have an in-store cash office or use a CIT cash centre, the transportation is secure and closed all the way. With the help of the software system you keep track of all transactions, which are automatically logged.


Accessories / Options

CashComplete® BNR

CashComplete® BNR

The back-office note recycler is used to fill up notes in the transport units, in order to replenish the check-out units.

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Perfect for:

  • Back-office use
  • A closed note replenishment
Transport unit Transport unit Note unit

Control the notes in your transport units

A closed loop is only closed if also replenishment is done without exposure. With the CashComplete® BNR you will have a tamper-proof system, giving you complete control of your cash. In combination with the supervisor system, you will always know the exact whereabouts of every single penny.

And the best thing - this solution is for real.


Accessories / Options

We have several solutions for retail!

All designed to maximize profitability.

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Profit in less than 1 m2

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